• Trailblazer apprenticeship for ‘final mile’ delivery

  • Trailblazer apprenticeship for final mile delivery

    The Department of Education has given the go ahead to a Trailblazer apprenticeship for final mile delivery.

    The Level Two Trailblazer in Express Delivery will be a one-year programme, and is backed by the Institute Of Couriers.  It was developed by an Employer Group, chaired by Justin Moore of Citysprint, and Pearson Edexcel developed the end point assessment.  It will cover topics such as customer service, returns and failed deliveries.

    “This is a solution to the next generation workforce in final mile and we should be proud of the dedication of employers in the sector who have given time, expertise and energy to reach this goal.” Justin Moore said.

    IOC Chair and secretary to the Trailblazer Employer Group, Carl Lomas, added:  “More than twenty years since the first NVQs in transport, the Trailblazer Level Two is cleared to go.  This is the next generation workforce funded to enter our sector, developed by employers for employers – from walking post to heavy van.  The qualification is funded under levy, free to the candidates and with 90% of the fees supported to SMEs.  It’s time to engage!”

    Dave Dargan, the CEO of System Group, told Warehousing News that he thought the Trailblazers were a “fantastic development for the industry as they’re tailored so closely to the industry's needs. 

    “The explosion in popularity of online shopping, the increasing demand for next-day, or even same-day, home deliveries, and the focus on efficient, safe, and responsive customer service has meant that those coming into the industry need to be highly trained and highly engaged.

    “The Express Trailblazer comprehensively covers the knowledge, understanding, skills and behaviours that will guide an apprentice into the industry and support them through the challenges and adventures that express delivery offers.  We are looking forward to being part of the apprentices’ journey into this exciting and ever expanding industry.”