• Tornadoes Korfball Club score sponsorship deal with Sparshatt Truck & Van

  • Tornadoes Korfball Club score sponsorship deal with Sparshatt Truck & Van

    We are delighted to announce that we have confirmed our sponsorship of a korfball team based near to our four sites in Kent. The sponsorship includes funding the training kits for Tornadoes Korfball Club and Academy’s second team over the course of the 2022/2023 season.

    Korfball was invented by a Dutch school teacher in 1902, Korfball is a ball sport with similarities to netball and basketball. It is played by two teams of eight players with four female and four male players on each team. The objective is to shoot a ball into a netless basket which is mounted on a tall pole.

    The Tornadoes Korfball Club and Academy is one of the most successful UK clubs and are supported by some of the most experienced coaches in the country, with the majority of them being England first-team players.

    With over two million players worldwide, Korfball is quickly becoming a popular sport in several countries due to its diverse mixed-gender dynamic and fast-paced, team-orientated nature.

    Richard Woodham, Club Chairman of Tornadoes Korfball Club and Academy said, “Tornadoes Korfball Club and Academy are so incredibly proud to have our second team sponsored by Sparshatt Truck & Van for our 2022/23 playing season.

    “Korfball, a rapidly growing sport in the UK, is one of the only truly diverse and inclusive sports out there and it is our absolute passion to introduce it to more people, both young and old, both male and female.

    “Having such a prestigious brand linked to our club will allow Tornadoes and the Sparshatt group many more opportunities to share everything korfball and bring this awesome sport into more lives during times when things can feel tough for us all.

    “Tornadoes is a community sports club and was launched back in 2004 and has, over the past 18 years, developed successful youth programmes that have produced over 30 international players. Whether you’re a novice or an international, want to play for fun or indeed at the highest levels, come and fulfil your potential with our outstanding coaching team at Tornadoes Korfball Club and Academy.”

    The club has brought together all kinds of players of different ages and abilities and the funding will contribute towards helping the club develop a programme to take korfball into schools.

    The team trains at the Chatham Grammar School every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and play their matches on Saturdays.

    Sarah Collyer, Head of Marketing at Sparshatt Truck & Van said, “It has been a pleasure to be able to sponsor the Tornadoes Korfball Club and Academy.

    “The club plays a vital role in getting people of all ages from the local area involved in playing a sport and raising awareness of Korfball as a sport. We really hope that our sponsorship can spread the word even more and the players enjoy training in their new kits.”

    For more details on Tornadoes Korfball Club and Academy please visit http://www.tornadoeskca.com/.