• OTC 'period of grace' warning for operators

  • Operators who need to apply for an extension to meet financial standing tests or appoint a new transport manager risk having their licences revoked if the mandatory requirements are not met when the time expires.

    That is according to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, which is reminding licence holders that the maximum period for which a grace period can be granted is six months – or nine months in the event of a transport manager – and the financial or transport manager issues must be remedied before the grace period ends.  

    “Traffic commissioners are not obliged to allow a period of grace but will always carefully consider any application,” a spokesperson for the Office of the Traffic Commissioner said.  “They have to strike a balance between allowing operators a period of time to rectify the situation and ensuring there is a level playing field for operators who continue to meet the mandatory criteria.”

    Where mandatory licence requirements are not met, the law states that, unless a period of grace has been applied for and granted, traffic commissioners must revoke an operator’s authority.  If the operator fails to rectify the issues within the period of grace, the same legal obligation to revoke will apply.

    “Operators who are given extra time need to be proactive as soon as the period of grace is granted,” the OTC spokesperson added.  “Traffic commissioners will not approve periods of grace simply to put off revocation for a few more months.  The extra time is granted so that operators can actively secure the future of their licence and demonstrate continuing commitment to compliance with the licensing regime.”