• Number of cargo crimes 58% up in 2016, despite improving trend

  • Recorded cargo crimes in the UK fell for the third consecutive quarter this year, but remain 58% higher than the corresponding period of last year.

    The latest quarterly report on cargo theft from the Transported Asset Protection Association shows that the number of freight crimes in the UK in Q3 2017 was 323, 14% lower than in the previous quarterly period, and 22.5% lower than in the first three months of the year.

    Despite the reduction, however, thefts in the three months to 30 September were still 58% ahead of the third quarter of 2016.

    TAPA said the fall in UK cargo theft in 2017 could be linked to increasing police patrols at cargo theft hotspots:  “Liaison between regional police forces, transport industry representatives and Motorway Service Area operators, as well as increased law enforcement agency patrols, are likely to have contributed to the quarter-on-quarter fall in recorded crimes at these locations.

    “In Q2 2017, TAPA recorded 160 freight loss incidents or criminal attacks on trucks parked at MSA sites but in Q3, this figure reduced by 33% to 107.”

    However, attacks on trucks at MSAs remain widespread, the report warned, with crimes reported at 26 separate MSAs along the motorways and main A-roads in Q3 2017.  Thefts from trucks during rest breaks at MSAs amounted to more than £1.94 million, while the total loss for the cargo thefts reported to TAPA in the period was estimated at £9.2 million.

    Nearly 70% of all incidents in Q3 2017 involved ‘curtain cutting’, with a high percentage of the remaining crimes involving lock cutting and the forcing open of the rear doors of trucks.