• Drivers – don’t risk striking a bridge this holiday season

  • Network Rail has launched a new Wise Up, Size Up campaign, to reduce the number of bridge strikes by urging HGV drivers always check the height of their vehicles before making a journey. 

    “In support of the campaign, Malcolm Bingham, Head of Road Network Management Policy at the Freight Transport Association, said the FTA was reiterating its calls for commercial vehicle drivers and operators to ensure they are taking precautionary steps to prevent their vehicles from striking bridges.

    “While the workload of HGV drivers often increases in the holiday season,” he said, “it is no excuse not to plan ahead; they should – in partnership with their operators – always pay close attention to vehicle and load heights to ensure that they are safe to pass under bridge clearances in their route planning.  After all, striking a bridge can result in the offending business having to pay substantial bills to repair both the bridge and the vehicle, as well as compensation for any resulting train delays, which can be a significant amount; both the driver and operator also run the risk of losing their licences.

    “We hope both Network Rail and the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain continue to raise awareness of the issue and help to cement consideration of bridge height in route planning.”