• Demographic of ‘white van man’ changing

  • Contrary to the ‘white van man’ stereotype, an increasing number of women are taking to the roads as delivery drivers and couriers.

    Analysing insurance quotes for the past three years, The Van Insurer found that requests for a quote from female delivery drivers have increased by 104%.  The biggest proportion of these quotes (21%) came from London-based delivery drivers.

    Quotes for female couriers have also increased across the UK, by 89% since 2016, and it’s not just the delivery driver and courier demographics that are changing the van driver landscape.  Female mobile caterer quote requests, for example, have increased by 620% over the past three years, according to The Van Insurer’s data.

    “These statistics make for a really interesting read,” Ed Bevis, Marketing Manager at The Van Insurer, said.  “We knew that employment patterns were changing, but the rise in female van drivers taking to the roads is quite staggering.  We’re looking forward to seeing how the landscape unfolds over the next three years.”