• Businesses still unclear about ULEZ scrappage scheme

  • With the start date for the London ULEZ fast approaching, many businesses and charities across London may be unsure how to scrap their vehicle, one of the UK’s leading recycling networks has warned.

    London mayor Sadiq Khan has launched a £23m van scrappage scheme to offer micro-businesses and charities grants of up to £6,000 to switch to cleaner vehicles before the ULEZ’s introduction on 8 April this year, which will punish those driving older, dirtier vehicles.

    However, vehicle recycling network CarTakeBack believes that businesses may not know they must provide evidence that their vehicle has been scrapped to be eligible for the scheme, leaving them at risk of missing out.

    “Many microbusinesses and charities may be uncertain about how to ensure they are scrapping their vehicle in the correct way and will be issued with the necessary paperwork,” Alison Price, spokesperson for CarTakeBack, said.

    To be eligible for the scrappage scheme, vehicles must be scrapped by an Authorised Treatment Facility, licensed by the Government to recycle vehicles in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way.

    When the vehicle is scrapped it will be evidenced by a Certificate of Destruction, which is also required to be eligible for a grant – a requirement some drivers may not know about.

    CarTakeBack has stressed that businesses and charities must make sure they use a proper dealer with an ATF licence and receive the right certificate.

    The recycling network also warned vehicle owners to make it clear that they want their vehicle to be scrapped and not simply sold on.  “Sometimes, if an old vehicle still has some life left in it, a recycling centre will offer to repair it and sell it on rather than scrap it,” Alison Price added.  “Obviously, that would make it ineligible for this scheme.”