• Best Practice Guide for Vehicle Body Buyers

  • Vehicle body manufacturer Ingimex has launched a best practice guide to help light commercial vehicle operators ask the right questions of prospective vehicle body suppliers before making an investment.

    The Ask Your Provider guide reveals the top six questions any firm should be asking a would-be provider when it comes to health and safety requirements, to help them tackle the maze of regulatory and legislative change and ensure they’re covered now and in the future:

    • Are you accredited?
    • Do you have an environmental policy?
    • How do your costs compare to other vehicle body manufacturers?
    • Are your warranties fair?
    • Which European Load Containment Standard are you certified to?
    • Should you be specifying specific health and safety features?

    The free downloadable guide also features tips relating to health and safety, including requirements on project-specific work such as Crossrail.

    “Many of our customers approach us knowing exactly what they need and want from their vehicle bodies,” explained Ingimex’ Managing Director, Justin Gallen.  “However, there are other considerations to take into account when designing a vehicle body, and these are often not well known by prospective buyers.

    “We’ve designed this guide not just to help our customers understand the importance of thinking about their legal obligations when it comes to health and safety practices, but for others across the industry who are thinking about investing and developing their fleet and want to ensure they receive an end product that’s fit-for-purpose and won’t disappoint in the future.”