• The New FUSO Canter

      It’s up to 9% more fuel-efficient than its predecessor.

      If you’re after a light to medium truck that meets Euro VI emissions standards – or the first eco-friendly hybrid truck in standard production in Europe - the new Mitsubishi FUSO Canter Truck could be just what your business needs. And this more than meets the needs of a wide range of businesses, from garden and landscaping to deliveries and distribution, municipal or construction jobs.

      That’s because you’ve got real flexibility of choice, from the 3.5t with its ECOFFICIENCY package and Eco Mode up to the 8.55t which can deliver the payload of a 10t class truck.

      You’ll see the FUSO Canter truck outperforming its lesser rivals in short-haul distribution, on building sites and throughout the urban sprawl – the front end is unmistakeable, but the back end could be collecting domestic and commercial waste, tipping loads, cherry-picking or delivering loads in bulk.


    • Mitsubishi Fuso Canter | Sparshatt Truck & Van
    • So which works best for your needs?

      Canter 3.5 tonne

      Canter 6.5 tonne 4X4

      Canter 7.5 tonne

      Canter 7.5 tonne Eco Hybrid

      Canter 8.55 tonne

    • Our team supplies and maintains the largest number and range of Mercedes trucks in the South East of England – so we’re uniquely qualified to talk you through your options. Download the Canter brochure and give us a call for no-obligation guidance, to ensure the truck you choose serves your business perfectly for years to come.

      Find out about the available finance options on our FUSO Canter.

      Why is a Mercedes-Benz Truck Dealer selling a truck bearing Mitsubishi logo?
      Here is why.  Back in 2001, Daimler bought out nearly 90% of Mitsubishi FUSO Truck & Bus Corporation (MFTBC) leaving Mitsubishi Motors owning the remaining, just over 10%, Daimler own Mercedes-Benz.

      Mitsubishi translates to ‘three diamonds’. The three-diamond badge, the logo, has become a symbol of quality for the Mitsubishi Group over 100 years, and because of this, we continue to proudly display the logo on our FUSO products in many countries.

      Mercedes-Benz is the network that supports the FUSO brand and the Canter Truck in the UK. We are partners, therefore when you buy a FUSO Canter you get the full support that comes with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

      People do still call the Canter a Mitsubishi Canter but really we should refer this excellent workhorse as the FUSO Canter.

      Fact, the Canter is the most produced truck of the Daimler group! 150,000 FUSO Canters sold annually worldwide. 


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