• Mercedes-Benz Antos

      The new Mercedes Antos truck, for heavy-duty distribution of 18–44 tonnes GCW

      Welcome to the new standard for heavy-duty distribution trucking. The UK’s diverse logistics needs – from retail supply distribution to tankers and bulk haulage – answered with one truck range designed specifically for 18-tonne to 44-tonne loads.

      We know what you expect from Mercedez-Benz trucks: superior build and engineering quality, flexibility and versatility of use, great fuel efficiency and high residual values. The all-new Antos sets the bar even higher. Ironic, since the range includes special model variants with lower chassis heights.

      The new Mercedes Antos truck  is the strategic choice of distribution vehicle – the one that gives you even better fuel savings from its low-emission Euro IV engines and BlueEfficiency technology; the one with a portfolio of tractors and wheelbases to suit every trailer and business need; and the one that promises reassuring reliability even under continually full loads and long-distance, high-mileage use (it could be as much as 150,000 km before it even needs a service). It’s the one that’s worth most when you choose to upgrade your vehicle further down the road. So that keeps business owners, fleet managers and finance directors happy.

      Behind the wheel, no job looks daunting. Cockpit and cab – just like the rest of the truck – have been designed especially for heavy-duty distribution. Six different cab choices give your crew masses of stowage, intuitive controls and spacious, comfortable surroundings create the right conditions for happier work and low-stress driving.

      You’re at reduced risk of accidents too, with a raft of safety features as standard and some seriously clever options to keep your vehicle under tight control.

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    • The Antos Loader

      If payload is your priority, choose the new Mercedes Benz Antos Loader. Mercedes-Benz stripped back the weight to create rigid vehicles and tractor units as light as you’ll find in the heavy-duty distribution vehicle sector, which means you can carry more weight. 

    • The Antos Volumer

      If high-volume haulage is your priority, you’ll want the Antos Volumer. Large fuel tanks for longer distances between fill-ups and greater load capacity increase your profitability, plus low frame heights on rigid vehicles and low coupling point heights for tractor units.

      We can help you choose the new Antos that helps your business perform more efficiently than ever before. Call our knowledgeable team for expert insight, 24-hour inspection and service, plus an extremely competitive price on the best heavy-duty distribution trucks on the road today.

      All our Mercedes Antos Trucks are available on different finance options. Discover Mercedes-Benz Antos truck finance.


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