• Mercedes-Benz Actros

      You’re looking at the king of the road, the Mercedes Actros Truck

      An astonishing combination of power, versatility, fuel efficiency – a sleek, streamlined exterior wrapped around extraordinary innovation and ingenuity. This is the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, a truck designed to outperform any other long-distance and heavy haulage vehicle seen before.

      As with every Mercedes Benz truck, the Actros has been conceived to deliver on the business bottom line as much as on the road. Reduced weight and phenomenal fuel-saving features ensure that it’s profitable, advanced safety features and remarkable engineering mean that it’ll deliver your load – across continents if need be – while an array of cabin designs guarantee maximum comfort, functionality and storage for driver and crew.

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    • The Actros for long-distance transport – 18-44 tonnes GCW

      Incredible fuel economy for national and international long-distance goods transport, and available in two key configurations: the Actros Loader for seriously heavy payloads, and the Actros Volumer for sheer volume of goods. Whichever of the 18 possible power outputs, the engine in your new Mercedes-Benz Actros Truck is highly responsive, while the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission, sensitive steering system and the clever rear axle guide for 4x2 vehicles all combine for a uniquely safe and economical driving experience.

    • The Actros for heavy haulage – up to 250 tonnes GCW

      Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT up to 250 tonnes has been developed specifically for heavy haulage; a tractor unit with sustained high power transmission and a clever cooling system that maintains maximum power output even in high temperatures, at high altitudes and when descending with your heaviest possible load. That it balances all this functionality while reducing your fuel costs is nothing short of remarkable.

      And with 11 cab variants to choose from, depending on how you’re putting your new workhorse to good use – Mercedes-Benz has put driver and crew comfort, convenience and state of mind at the forefront of design. So your people remain focused on the job and relaxed during downtime.

      Safe, economical and supremely capable, Mercedes-Benz badge and quality assurance even mean you maintain maximum residual value. Combined with the personalised partnership and 24-hour inspection and servicing from Sparshatt Truck & Van, this is the moment when heart and head, driver and finance director reach the same conclusion. Download the brochure and contact our helpful team to help you specify the best Actros configuration for your business.

      All our Mercedes Actros Trucks are available on different finance options. Discover Mercedes-Benz Actros finance options.


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