• Finance Lease

    • Finance Lease | Mercedes-Benz | Sparshatts of Kent
    • How Finance Lease Works

      • At the start of your agreement you decide on the length of your agreement and pay an advance rental up front. These rentals are based on the vehicles value over the term of your agreement.
      • Alternatively you could opt for a lump sum payment. This option features a large payment that is due at the end of the agreement. This will reduce your regular payments.
      • Throughout your agreement you make regular instalments until your agreement comes to an end.
    • At the end of your agreement you have three options:

      • Extend your agreement
        Continue to use the vehicle for a further agreed period and pay a ‘peppercorn’ payment equal to one month’s rental per annum. view
      • Sell your vehicle
        Sell your vehicle to an independent third party. We will invoice the third party and return 95% of the sales proceeds to you.. view
      • Return the Vehicle
        Return the vehicle and we will sell it on your behalf. We will sell the vehicle on your behalf and will return 95% of the proceeds to you (minus any reseller fees). view
    • What are my options at the end of my contract?

      We want to provide you with the best possible service right up until the end of your contract so please get in touch with our team, or find more information on what to do when your agreement ends here 

      What are the vehicle return standards?

      If you return your vehicle at the end of your agreement our third party collection agent will collect your vehicle and complete a complete a safety appraisal to make sure your vehicle is safe to be driven. You can find full details on our vehicle return standards here

      How can I get in touch with Daimler Truck Financial Services?

      We are here to help, so please contact us with any questions:


      08000 389991


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