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      • Ethan's Story
        Ethan's Story

        “I joined Sparshatt Truck & Van in June 2019 as a van apprentice. While at 6th Form part of my studies included an A-level in Engineering, this is where I found I had a strong interest in the more mechanical side of my course.  On one of my course trips we visited Sparshatt Truck & Van's workshop in Sittingbourne, shortly after this I contacted them to arrange a week’s work experience. I really enjoyed my first week, so I decided to extend my work experience for another week. I then submitted my apprenticeship application, as I had decided that Sparshatt Truck & Van was the place I wanted to work and learn."

      • Steve's Story
        Steve's Story

        “I have over 7 years’ experience working within the automotive industry and extensive parts knowledge. After wanting a career change, I applied for a Parts Adviser role at Sparshatt Truck and Van. I spent a year as a parts adviser and then progressed to the parts supervisor role. I am now responsible for looking after our Sittingbourne Parts team. I enjoy my role and I am happy to be working in such a positive environment.”

      • Tracy's Story
        Tracy's Story

        “As Sparshatt Truck & Van’s longest serving Sales Executive, I have spent 20 years in various roles. I first started in a tele sales role but was soon given the opportunity to sell a new van.  After successfully selling that van I decided to continue my sales career. In 2003 I received a gold award for selling the highest number of new vans.”

      • Ricky Osborn
        Ricky Osborn

        “I have been working at Sparshatt Truck & Van as a Van technician since 2009, however have been in the industry since 1995. I really enjoy working with a good group of people, doing a job I enjoy.  After a break from boxing, I recently decided to undertake intensive training to get back into the ring for a charity fight. Sparshatt Truck & Van supported the charity event and bought tickets for the team to attend - I won and it was a great night.”


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