• Parts

      One of the joys of running a fleet of Mercedes-Benz trucks and vans is their impressive reliability. But big mileage means wear and tear. And any time your vehicle is off the road, the service you offer is compromised.

      So our service is all about getting you back on the road as fast as possible. Our parts departments are in operation 24 hours a day,  As you’d expect, our parts advisers are experts in their field.

      At any one time, we carry more than £2.5m worth of Mercedes-Benz parts in stock. And we’re increasing the range by analysing which parts are most frequently needed with the least advance notice. It’s clever stuff. It’s all about having the right part at the right time. Perhaps more importantly, if we don’t have the part you need for a perfect repair, we’ll get it fast. If the part is held in the UK, we’ll have it the very next day.

      And because we also offer over the counter parts sales for self-fitting in your own workshops, we deliver too. Deliveries go out twice a day to London, Kent and the Home Counties, and we can courier UK-wide. So if something goes awry on a long haul the length of the country, we can get your part to an authorised repair centre the very next day.

      In case of a future urgent need, save our parts department number into your phone now – 0344 396 1122 – or book your Mercedes-Benz in for its next inspection or service today.